Healing Touch

Intent and the Power of Touch

When I first started learning the skills and techniques of massage about 20 years ago, one of the really important teachings that struck me was the importance of ‘intent’.

The teacher talked about the enormous difference in the quality of touch from the practitioner who is really focused on the client and is very clear, mindful and present in their intent, and the giver of a massage who is not fully present or has a mind full of distractions. In order to emphasise the point, he got the whole group to participate in an experiment so that everyone received touch from a giver who was really present, clearly focused and with a positive and loving intent, to then compare this experience with receiving touch from someone who was even slightly distracted, maybe even glancing out of the window or thinking about their shopping list. As receivers we were instantly and easily able to feel the difference in the profound quality of touch. There was a world of difference.

This learning has always stayed with me through my years of training and whenever I receive a massage myself from a professional therapist, or even an enthusiastic amateur, I can always tell whether they are fully engaged, enjoying what they are doing and have a clear and authentic intent for the massage that they are giving.

Lomi Lomi takes this a stage even further. Since the massage training includes how to bring the ‘spirit of Aloha’ or ‘loving-kindness’, generosity and compassion into the giving of the massage, it takes the quality of touch to an even higher level. Sometimes the movements and strokes are quite slow and deliberate in a way that can bring an exquisite and indescribable quality to the touch. In a sense it becomes a meditation on the body of the receiver and usually this will provide a very different kind of experience for the client when receiving this level of touch, even if they are not aware of it consciously.

Through receiving this kind of exquisite touch the client tends to drop much more quickly into a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being…and they will really absorb the spirit of Aloha. Why not try it for yourself?