Treatments and Pricing

Lomi Lomi Massage - Signature Treatment 90 minutes £85

Allow 2 hours to include initial consultation and integration time.

The standard Lomi Lomi session costs £85 and allows for at least 90 minutes on the massage couch.

The session includes time for you to arrive and settle with an initial consultation and conversation about what you would like from the massage and any practicalities. It also includes some time for integration at the end of the massage so I would suggest you allow 2 hours altogether for the session.

(Longer treatments are available by prior arrangement.)

I aim to provide a fully personalised holistic treatment for every client and rather than paying too much attention to the clock I like to work with whatever arises during the treatment for each individual client.

Sensory Awakening and Lomi Lomi Massage - 2 hour Treatment £100

Similar to the signature treatment with a beautiful sensory awakening ritual at the start. This includes gentle stimulation of a range of senses using sounds, natural fragrances and a variety of different kinds of pleasurable touch such as feathers, light stroking and warm oil drizzled over the whole body. 

Allow an extra 30 minutes over the standard treatment, so two and a half hours altogether.

Introductory Taster Session - 1 hour Treatment £65

Lomi Lomi massage may not suit everyone. If you are familiar with the experience of massage and regularly enjoy receiving massage, then chances are you will love the Lomi Lomi style of massage. If you are not used to receiving massage touch or you feel unsure about this particular type of massage then there is opportunity for you to have an introductory one hour taster session to explore whether this massage is right for you.

Allow 90 minutes altogether.

Concessionary Pricing for Those on Low Incomes

My aim is to make this deeply healing massage accessible to anyone regardless of income. I offer two sessions per month on a voluntary donation basis specifically for those in difficult financial circumstances. If you are on a low income and paying full price is difficult for you, please contact me so that we can have a conversation. 

Booking a Session

Massage sessions are provided in a dedicated home-based massage studio in a peaceful village location mid-way between Exeter and Plymouth, just off the A381 road between Totnes and Newton Abbot.

To find out more information or to book your massage session you can contact Peter by phone, text or email.


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Four Handed Massage - 2 hours £250

With a male and a female practitioner.

In a four handed massage, Peter works harmoniously with a qualified and experienced female practitioner, both working on one client together, often using synchronised moves. This is not specifically a Lomi Lomi massage but is a more varied and sensual style of holistic massage, although it does also incorporate some of the strokes and techniques used within the Lomi Lomi style.

A four handed massage can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. We use the client’s body as a form of canvas onto which we choreograph intuitive slow, detailed moves and strokes of varying paces and pressures to create a varied sensual experience. It offers an opening to pleasure and relaxation.

Sessions are usually for 2 hours which includes 1.5 hours of treatment time and time for connecting, setting intentions and stating boundaries before the treatment, and grounding and sharing afterwards.

Price for this massage is normally £320 per session but as an introductory offer to new clients the charge will be a reduced amount of just £250 for the two-hour session. This offer is available until April 2024.

Sessions must be booked in advance to ensure both practitioners are available.

Longer sessions can be arranged by mutual agreement.

Text or Phone

07775 591 870