What Clients Have Said...

“Lomi Lomi was for me a unique experience. I felt my whole body was in a state of deep relaxation and meditation. My mind was completely stilled, and lulled by the repetitive movements and gentle music. I had a strong sense of Peter moving around me, and a feeling of being held competently in the massage, yet at the same time it felt reassuringly impersonal, and without goals or expectations. The strokes were slow enough for my body to completely absorb them, which created a sense of being washed by the touch.

At the end of the massage I noticed I felt quite energetic and motivated, as well as balanced and settled. For the next few days I was aware of increased energy. I also had a sense of being gently shaken up inside, which is surprising in such a soft experience.  

I was suffering with a lot of pain in my right shoulder, and this was very definitely improved by the massage, and has continued to improve since.   

I felt that Peter created an atmosphere of safety and gentle holding, which made it possible for me to trust, let go of tension and feel very pampered!”  


“Peter’s Lomi Lomi massage is exactly what a good massage should be, relaxing yet revitalising, pleasurable and effective. Peter holds a beautiful, calm space and has a deep understanding of the power of touch.”


“I want to say that what I noticed most about the massage was the sense that you as a masseur disappeared, and there was a feeling that the massage was being given from something bigger, and that was wonderful. It was very easy to relax into that feeling and sense of being held. I think that must be what you described as the “Aloha” spirit. It definitely worked!”


“I had been feeling quite stressed and ‘in my head’ recently about some decisions I have to make. Afterwards though I felt much calmer, more in my body and less concerned about the head stuff. I really enjoyed it and felt very safe with you and your boundaries.”


“I enjoyed the massage very much…I felt safe and very comfortable. The second time I had a massage with you I relaxed into it more quickly and even more deeply. The feeling after was like bathing in a sense of wellbeing!”


“It was quite a powerful experience…there were some clear trigger points with physical and emotional reactions due to past traumas. Quite a lot of emotion was released, and I felt quite tender afterwards, also more open to ‘loving myself’…in a good place.”


“I particularly liked the work you did around my abdomen…as I told you beforehand, I had been experiencing discomfort there, with a lot going on in my tummy area, and it felt like your hands were really deeply listening to my body. At times it almost felt like you disappeared…almost like you weren’t there as I was receiving…I really liked the slow pace.”


“It was amazing! I definitely felt a sense of wellbeing and relaxation afterwards. When I arrived I was feeling muggy and fuzzy in my head, due to pain relief medication I had been taking, and afterwards I felt much clearer in my head…my neck and shoulders were definitely more relaxed and less painful or uncomfortable. I liked it all!”


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to receive safe and loving touch and that you felt so ‘present’ to me during the massage.”


“I really enjoyed all of it…definitely a lot more relaxed. I went to sleep a few times…I felt great! I liked the way you worked with my damaged shoulder. I felt nurtured and very safe, the slow pace was really good, just right. I was able to let go of all my thoughts during the massage and just sink into the relaxation. Afterwards I felt clear in my mind and connected within myself. Everything was just great!”


“Receiving gentle touch with such loving kindness from a man was a deeply moving experience and a gift to receive.”


“It felt like you were taking me for a beautiful walk in the woods…I felt safer, guided, protected and more wholesome. I felt calmer and slept well that night…more deeply.”


“What a wonderful experience it was! The flowing strokes connecting with my body, along with the soothing music of the sea, swept me away into a deep state of relaxation and calm. I felt as if I was floating on the ocean waves, ebbing and flowing beneath Peter’s expert and intuitive touch. This was one of the best massages I have ever experienced, so much so, I’ve booked  again. I would highly recommend Peter who is a true professional through and through. Thank you!”


“As a massage therapist myself I was interested to experience the benefits of Lomi Lomi and compare with other massage modalities. Peter is an intuitive and skilled massage therapist, and the Lomi Lomi massage itself was the most relaxing of all the modalities. I urge anyone who has not experienced Lomi Lomi to try it! The sense of relaxation and well-being after the massage is reason enough, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Subsequent massage sessions took me into a deeper and deeper sense of relaxation and offered a feeling of mental alignment and balance. I am delighted to have discovered this modality of massage and, more importantly, a therapist who listens to his client’s needs and tailors the massage to their specific issues, rather than working from a standard format.”


“You have an amazing gift of healing touch…thank you!”




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