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Body Covering During Lomi Lomi Massage

Body Covering and Draping Options

With the flowing, continuous massage strokes that run the entire length of the body, Lomi Lomi massage traditionally involves less draping than other types of massage and there are options depending on a client’s level of comfort. Also, a greater amount of oil is often used, so the room is kept at a higher temperature than other massages and this together with a heated massage couch ensures that the receiver stays warm at all times.

The draping options are fully explained before the massage so that you can make an informed choice about what feels most comfortable and appropriate for you. Some clients who are familiar with Lomi Lomi or have experience of receiving full body massages, and who feel confident in the space, choose to be fully undressed and not have any covering at all, others choose different levels of draping.

Draping the Back of the Body (Women and Men)

The massage starts with the client lying on their front with the whole length of the body covered in a sarong and in most cases a smaller ‘modesty cloth’ or towel (underneath the sarong) covering the central glute area and down between the legs. As the sarong is removed early on in the massage the modesty cloth remains in place for the remainder of the back massage. This allows access to the whole length and sides of the body while protecting the client’s modesty at all times.

For those of you who prefer to keep your underwear on, then of course you may do so, but please be aware that garments will get oil on them and they generally restrict the flow of movement up and down the body. A better alternative is to use appropriately designed disposable underwear which is always available on request.

Draping the Front of the Body (Women)

The second part of the massage when the client turns over to lie on their back, also starts with a sarong covering the whole length of the body. For women the massage proceeds by exposing one side of the body at a time, gradually folding back the sarong to expose each area to be worked on. This maintains cover over the breasts, abdomen and pubic areas.

After working on the sides, arms and legs the practitioner will ask whether you want to have your chest uncovered or whether to maintain a covering over the breast area. If a female client prefers to stay covered but wishes to receive the abdominal massage then a second modesty cloth is used to cover across the breast area while allowing access to the abdomen, neck and shoulders. This does restrict some of the body length strokes that can be used but it is essential that the client continues to feel safe and comfortable at all times. For this reason, the practitioner will always carefully check before removing any chest covering and the option is always available to replace the covering at any time if desired.

Traditionally Lomi Lomi is performed on women without covering of the breasts to include massaging of the sternum in between and the important areas of the surrounding lymph nodes. Generally, the breasts themselves are not included in the massage unless by specific and prior agreement.

Draping the Front of the Body (Men)

With Lomi Lomi massage draping for men is traditionally very minimal and when used just covers the genital area. Prior to turning over onto your back you will normally be covered again with the sarong and then, as the massage proceeds, the sarong will be folded back to cover just the pubic area, folding down between the legs.

Draping option for a woman

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